Cookie statement

Dutch hospitality means a cookie with some tea or coffee. Digital hospitality means a cookie with website visitors. With cookies we make our website more user friendly. In our cookie statement you can find our information, what cookies are, which cookies we and third parties use, why these cookies are used, how long we use cookies for and how you can delete cookies.

Our information

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What are cookies

Cookies are small text files where information is stored. These text files are stored on your device by us or other parties. At your next visit we read the text file preferences or log in details. This ensures that you do not need to state your preferences each time you visit our website and ensures a friendlier user experience. Under the header 'overview cookies' you can see which cookies we store and what they are used for.

Overview cookies

Functional cookies
We store functional cookies to ensure our website efficacy. For the storage of these cookies no permission is needed. These cookies ensure the load of the website is shared more evenly, the website is displayed well on screen, information is stored voor the order procedure, the shopping bag works, information is stored when one goes to a subpage, log in details are stored, abuse can be traced, if permission is granted for the placement of cookies and storage of preferences this is stored as well

Analytical cookies
We improve our website constantly by analyzing how customers use our website, how customers found our website and where possible bottlenecks are. Therefore we and Google Analytice place cookies.

You can delete and manage cookies

You can delete existing cookies, allow or block all cookies and manage your preferences through your internet browser (the program you use to surf the web). How this is done depends on the internet browser.
Is your internet browser not listed? Or have the settings been changed intermittently? Use the help or search function of your internet browser.

Caution: If you do not give permission for the storing of cookies we cannot guarantee an effective and working website.


We can change information in regards to our cookie statement without announcement. Changes are sometimes needed if we update our website or if laws change. We recommend to check if the information presented to you in the cookie statement has been altered.